Free Download: Response Multiplier Report

More and more online entrepreneurs and copywriters are beginning to test the offline direct mail waters. They are doing this for several reasons:

1. If you have a promotion or sales letter or business running online profitably, often you can dramatically expand your market by taking it offline.

2. Response rates and sales to from your existing online customers can be very profitable.

3. Email boxes are becoming more cluttered by the day – and spam filters are screening out even high-quality, requested emails.

If you are curious about testing direct mail – then you need to read this special report from Dan Buckley.

He’s not a copywriter, but for over 20 years he has handled the direct mail and offline data bases for gurus like Jay Abraham and John Carlton.

He’s packed 20 years of inexpensive, easy tips and tricks for multiplying your sales and response rates into a 39 page report called “The Response Multiplier Effect”.

And the only place you can get it is right here – for free – because you are one of my Copy Ideas readers.

Enjoy the report.

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