Copywriting Ideas: Free Tool Turbo Charges Your Mind

I’m a copywriting idea junky…

And I beat myself up pretty badly if I can’t come up with breakthrough ideas for clients.

So, I’ve tried every tool from mind-mapping software to the old IdeaFisher program which is now the awesome ThoughtOffice to massive headline swipe files, and hundreds of proven sales letters sitting on my hard-drive.

So, I couldn’t believe what I ran across by accident the other day…

One of the best copywriting ideas, brainstorming, put-your-imagination-on-rocket-fuel tools I’ve seen in a long time.


It was FREE.

I’ve tested this puppy out and it rivals some of the most expensive mindstorming tools on the market.

  • It’s like having 6000 people help you brainstorm and generate copywriting ideas
  • It takes less than 20 seconds
  • Generate a thousand or more associations
  • No opt-in, no fee, no nothing…

It’s just sitting out there waiting for you to take it for a spin and help you generate even greater copy ideas, naming ideas, product ideas.

Here’s the video showing you how to use just two of the tools…

Here’s the story on this copywriting ideas tool…

Back in 1973 the University of Southern Florida Psychology department starting conduction word association test. Over the next 30 years they actually conducted 750,000 test on 6000 people. All of those word and idea associations were stored in a data base.

Along comes Rob Seward, my new hero, and he creates software programs to run semantic programs on the info in the data-base which has been made available to the public on his blog.

You can run classic word association programs, programs to show negative associations, programs to create semantic maps showing the relationships of two or more words and a ton more.

He’s made it all available to the public for free on his blog and you can access the association, brainstorming and copywriting idea tools here…

Rob Seward’s Blog and Word Association Tools

Watch the video above, then get out there and take this idea-machine speedster for a test drive yourself.

The only negative is there are some words that are not stored in its data-base. But for those that are, you’re in for a mental feast.

And if you’ve never seen it this post – here is another proven way to come up with copywriting ideas and headlines that sell in less than two minutes.

2 minute copywriting cure

Get out there… Give Rob’s word association tools a spin and let me know what you think.