World’s Greatest Advertisement?

“The greatest advertisement of all time”

Discover who wrote it… Plus… 4 persuasion secrets it reveals you can use to pack more power into your own ad copy

In 1925 advertising legend, Bruce Barton, wrote one of advertising’s “lost treasures” and in it he shares what he believes to be the “world’s greatest advertisement“.

Let me explain…

Three giants of advertising, Claude Hopkins, Bruce Barton and David Ogilvy, all claimed the same source as having an impact on their writing style and copy strategy: The old King James Version of the Bible.

But only one of them wrote extensively about the copy lessons he had plumbed from its depths…

Bruce Barton. (you can download his “lost chapter” here on World’s Greatest-Advertisement)

Barton is known as one of advertising’s most gifted writers. His copy is still studied today for its lessons. One of his ads stands as one of the best 50 ads ever written. He was one of the founders of the legendary BBDO. But for all his accomplishments, Barton pointed to a greater Master as having created the greatest advertisement of all time.

The year was 1925 when Barton penned one of the most controversial books of his day, “The man nobody knows”. It was an unorthodox look at the life of Jesus of Nazareth and the lessons on business that His life contained. Both conservatives and liberals alike decried the book and the controversy drove its sales to 400,000 copies.

But in one of the chapters titled “His Advertisements” Barton dissected the persuasion and communication strategies nestled inside the parables of Jesus – the very messages that had allowed this small village carpenter to influence civilizations and history for the last 20 centuries.

Packed inside this single chapter you’ll discover…

  • What the first sentence of every ad should contain
  • The 2 universal ingredients that rivet the interest of your prospects
  • What great ads DON’T contain
  • How to infuse your advertisement with sincerity
  • The common mistake that even experienced ad writers make
  • 3 of the greatest pieces of writing in history
  • Every sentence you write should contain this powerful element
  • Lessons from “the world’s greatest advertisement” that have lasted for twenty centuries and are still among the most potent influences in the world…
  • How to pack a persuasive wallop in a small space
  • 4 critical lessons from the greatest advertisement of all time.
  • And more…

Since it was published in 1925, the book is now in the public domain. I’ve arranged to have the chapter reprinted for your convenience. You can acquire a copy for yourself by clicking here…  Greatest-Advertisement